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    Code of Rights

    Health and Disability Commissioner (Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights) Regulations 1996 1. Consumers have rights and providers have duties:​ (1) Every consumer has the rights in this Code. (2) Every provider is subject to the duties in this Code. (3) Every provider must take action to— (a) Inform consumers of their rights; and (b) Enable consumers to exercise their rights. 2. Rights of consumers and duties of providers: The rights of consumers and the duties of providers under this Code are as follows: Right 1Right to be treated with respect (1) Every consumer has the right to be treated with respect. (2) Every consumer has the right…

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    About the Cartwright Collective

    The Cartwright Collective  The Collective is a group committed to monitoring implementation of the 1988 Cartwright Inquiry Report Recommendations. Members are also committed to ensuring policy development is based on sound evidence and to the provision of high-quality information to enable consumers to make informed decisions. Two members were responsible for bringing to light the allegations leading to the Cartwright Inquiry; several were involved in parties to the Inquiry. Some were actively involved in working with the Ministry of Health in establishing the National Cervical Screening programme and the Health and Disability Commission. Others have contributed to the development of the Code of Health Consumers’ Rights and ethics committees. Two…

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    Timeline & Summary

    ChronologySummary of Findings & RecommendationsThe Story of the Unfortunate Experiment CHRONOLOGY May 1990 July l990 August 1990 September 1990 October 1990 SUMMARY OF FINDINGS & RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE REPORT OF THE CERVICAL CANCER INQUIRY 1988prepared by Sandra Coney Abbreviations:Auckland Hospital Board (AHB);National Women’s Hospital (NWH);Postgraduate School (PGS);Carcinoma in situ (CIS) CONTENTS: The 1966 Study of Cervical Carcinoma In Situ Expressions of Concern about the Study Adequacy of Treatment Recall of Women Medical Ethics What the Women Knew Of the women the judge interviewed, only one knew she was being studied. “I disagree with the suggestion of one witness that many patients lack the intelligence to grasp essential information. In general,…

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    The University of Auckland

    Overview of Complaints to the The University of Auckland requesting correction of errors in Professor Linda Bryder’s book published by Auckland University PressClare Matheson Complaint to The University of Auckland and the University responseSandra Coney and Phillida Bunkle Complaint to The University of AucklandReply from The University of Auckland to Sandra Coney and Phillida Bunkle COMPLAINTS TO THE UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLANDProfessor Bryder is a professor at The University of Auckland. Her book was first published by the University of Auckland Press in 2009, before being published in Britain in 2010. Challenges about errors in the book have raised significant issues concerning the responsibility for adhering to the precepts of ethical…

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    The Cartwright Report

    The New Zealand Government published the Cartwright Report on 5th August 1988. The Minister of Health, David Caygill, committed the government to implementation of the Reports numerous recommendations which were directed to a thorough reform medicine to ensure that such a violation of patient’s human rights could not happen again. The full report is availabile on the NSU website.

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    Recent Controversy Concerning Professor Linda Bryder’s Historical Revisionism

    Controversy in the New Zealand Medical Journal, 2010Professor Ron Jones asks ‘Why Did So Many Women Develop Cancer’ in the New Zealand Medical Journal, 2010Professor Charlotte Paul critiques Professor Bryder’s book, 2010Phillida Bunkle points out the consequences of Professor Bryder’s lack of familiarity with the patient case histories in the New Zealand Medical Journal, letters, 2010Phillida Bunkle analyses the weakness of professor Bryder’s argument in the Women’s Studies Journal, 2010 CONTROVERSY IN THE NEW ZEALAND MEDICAL JOURNALThe publication of Professor Linda Bryder’s revisionist volumes denying the occurrence of the Unfortunate Experiment, or harm to patients aroused controversy in the New Zealand Medical Journal in 2010. Professor Ron Jones, a gynaecologist…

  • Research Ethics

    Research Participants Need Protection

    Wed, 12 Oct 2011 The Government must not downgrade the system for ethical review of health research, believes Emeritus Prof Charlotte Paul. The Government is proposing to downgrade the protection of participants in health research, in response to a Health Select Committee report that argues for fast-tracking clinical research trials but gives scant consideration to the protection of research participants. If the Government’s proposal goes ahead, careful safeguards created in the aftermath of the Cartwright Inquiry will be lost. Instead of a system of rigorous review by ethics committees, the proposal allows “expedited review” (delegating the chairperson to approve summarised applications) for some clinical trials. It also almost halves the…