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    ChronologySummary of Findings & RecommendationsThe Story of the Unfortunate Experiment CHRONOLOGY May 1990 July l990 August 1990 September 1990 October 1990 SUMMARY OF FINDINGS & RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE REPORT OF THE CERVICAL CANCER INQUIRY 1988prepared by Sandra Coney Abbreviations:Auckland Hospital Board (AHB);National Women’s Hospital (NWH);Postgraduate School (PGS);Carcinoma in situ (CIS) CONTENTS: The 1966 Study of Cervical Carcinoma In Situ Expressions of Concern about the Study Adequacy of Treatment Recall of Women Medical Ethics What the Women Knew Of the women the judge interviewed, only one knew she was being studied. “I disagree with the suggestion of one witness that many patients lack the intelligence to grasp essential information. In general,…

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    The Cartwright Report

    The New Zealand Government published the Cartwright Report on 5th August 1988. The Minister of Health, David Caygill, committed the government to implementation of the Reports numerous recommendations which were directed to a thorough reform medicine to ensure that such a violation of patient’s human rights could not happen again. The full report is availabile on the NSU website.

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    Controversy and Feminist Input into the Inqury (2013)

    2013 marked 25 years since the publication of the Cartwright Report. The role of feminists in the initiation and conduct of the Inquiry remains controversial. In the paper (1), reproduced below, Phillida Bunkle analyses feminist input into the Inquiry and events over the subsequent five years leading to implementation of Cartwright’s reform recommendations. Bunkle’s analysis is based on careful consideration of original documents, particularly the three Submissions she, Sandra Coney, Dr. Forbes Williams and their counsel Dr. Rodney Harrison made to the Inquiry. Bunkle argues that feminists provided the blueprint for comprehensive reform and that the ideas on which it was based were derived from their experience in the Women’s…

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    The Cartwright Inquiry And The Reform Of Patients Rights & Medical Ethics

    In June 1987 Phillida Bunkle and Sandra Coney published an article ‘An “Unfortunate Experiment” at National Women’s Hospital’, Metro magazine. The article described unethical research conducted at Auckland University’s prestigious Post-Graduate School of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. The School was located at National Women’s Hospital which was New Zealand’s leading teaching hospital in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. The results of this research into the ‘natural history’ of CIS of the cervix had been published in 1984 in the prestigious medical journal Obstetrics and Gynaecology in an article by Mcindoe, Mclean, Jones and Mullins. The authors provided an retrospective anlysis of the results for groups of women who had been addequately treated and…